“… the Lord  your God led you all the way…”

Snapshots of life here

A beautiful sunset, as seen from our driveway. ❤️Biggest brother Littlest sister❤️ Beautiful fields of flowers! And a very sweet daughter.💕 Right after Jarrod landed from a flight lesson. (Lessons are going very well for him.) So many wild flowers…So many colors! On this particular walk, we saw our first tarantula… very large and hairybut … Continue reading Snapshots of life here

Jarrod and Co.

Jarrod has gotten the Texas division of his surveying business up and running…some photos from the “field”.😊 Through the lense of the total station…😊 Some nosy cows…seeing if anything was edible.😊 His rod man… Surveying on the eastern edge of Texas hill country.❤️ Continue reading Jarrod and Co.

The Lord is our Shepherd…He leads us…
beside the still waters…
in the paths of righteousness…
through the valleys…
anointing our head with oil…
making our cup to run over…
as we dwell in His presence.

All the way my Savior leads me–
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy,
Who through life has been my guide?
Heav’nly peace, divinest comfort,
Here by faith in Him to dwell!
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well;
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well.

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